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2013 Grant Awards Press Release

Coos Bay Schools Community Foundation

Announces Local Grant Awards

The Coos Bay Schools Community Foundation has awarded 43 grants worth $22,648 to programs providing students with expanded opportunities and unique educational experiences in Coos Bay Public Schools. Grants will be presented to selected teachers and staff on August 26th at the district-wide welcome meeting at Marshfield High School auditorium.

The entire board appreciates the generosity of the community and graduating alumni; their dedication to students in Coos Bay Schools has had a measurable impact on the quality of the educational experience for the next generation. Thank you so very much.

The Coos Bay Schools Community Foundation was formed during 2007 to promote programs for the arts, academics, activities and athletics for the benefit of the students of the Coos Bay School District by raising funds through community partnerships. The Foundation is a community-based, not-for-profit organization separate from the Coos Bay School District.

The list of 2013 grant recipients can be found at

People interested in donating to the Foundation can contact their local school, the Coos Bay School District Office, or the Foundation’s website.