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The Blossom Gulch Laps Program-Encouraging Lifelong Fitness

The Blossom Gulch laps program is in full swing with numerous students who have already completed over 50 miles.  The kindergarteners are collecting rubber ducks.  You can catch a glimpse of them in the picture below finding the perfect “Ducky” in the drawer.  These ducks represent 15 laps on the BG track.  It gives the kinders an instant reward and keeps them moving toward the goal of 10 miles to receive a bigger prize.

This Christmas, each kiddo that completes a lap card will have their name entered into the drawing for a bike.  Kids have the opportunity to fill as many cards as they can and their names are entered each time.  Several bikes will be given away to some lucky lap runners!

Again. thanks to the Coos Bay Schools Community Foundation for its generous donation to the Blossom Gulch laps program!

Chris Leach

Blossom Gulch Secretary

Coordinator BG laps program